The Rookie 3.5 Caravan - Wingamm Caravan Rookie
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Wingamm Rookie 3.5

Light and compact mini-caravan

Rookie 3.5, our mini caravan with a fibreglass monocoque bodywork, was created in 2009 and it immediately stands out on the landscape of compact caravans for its rounded, harmonious design typical of Wingamm!

Small, light and practical on the outside, spacious and functional inside. Conceived and designed for nomad tourists.


The distinctive character of the Rookie monocoque by Wingamm does not go unnoticed!


Clearly, as for all our campers, Rookie comes with all the essential W-Technology features: it is certainly the only mini caravan in the world with a fibreglass monocoque bodywork with no joints and therefore 100% waterproof, with excellent polyurethane foam insulation and no metal parts, which means there are no thermal bridges and it is corrosion-proof. INDESTRUCTIBLE BODYWORK!
The success of Rookie 3.5 led us to create the range, which now has two new models, ROOKIE CROSS and ROOKIE L.

Its compact size and lightweight design ensure it can be towed by any vehicle and by anyone just with a category B driving licence. This is the ideal mini-caravan for tourists always on the go!


Rookie’s fibreglass monocoque bodywork does not just have an appealing design, as it is also light and joint-free:


this ensures there are no water infiltrations = guaranteed against infiltrations for 10 years


The aerodynamic and streamlined fibreglass monocoque bodywork has an entrance door and hatches with Third hinges by Wingamm and automotive locks flush with the body. Like all our bodyworks, Rookie too is a single unit, 100% waterproof, with excellent polyurethane foam insulation which makes it ideal for use in winter as well, with no metal parts that rust over time.



As standard, the bodywork is white, though upon request it can be painted with any other colour.


Despite its compact size – it is just 3.60m long – no compromises were made for the internal layout. An expert and efficient use of internal spaces, along with the use of curved furnishings with an Italian feel to them ensures space and comfort.

  • WINGAMM ROOKIE 3.5: stylish, compact and light with sleeping solutions for two or even 3 people;
  • BODYWORK: Aerodynamic fibreglass single-unit bodywork – 100% waterproof.
  • LIGHT: with an overall weight of 750 kg, it can also be towed by small vehicles and simply with a category B driving licence;
  • CHASSIS: Set up on an ALKO Compact chassis with an Alko AKS 1300 distance brake, Alko Octagon shock absorbers and elegant alloy rims;
  • COMPACT: just 3.6 m long without the drawbar, 4.46 m with the drawbar
  • INTERNAL LAYOUT: rear entrance door, wide toilet compartment with WC box and separate shower area, kitchen unit with sink, hob with 2 burners and 70L trivalent refrigerator, double dinette at the front that turns into a double bed, double-glazing windows that can be opened, all fitted with blinds and fly screens.

It has a truly original interior design: the light and modern colours of laminated surfaces make the environment a pleasant relaxing place.


LED lighting.


The screen-printed Wingamm door at the front provides access to the spacious external locker with connections for 2 10 kg gas cylinders and storage area.

There are a number of the optional features offered to customise and “camperise” your Rookie: from the Winter Pack to the Comfort Pack and bike rack, solar panel, roof air conditioner and small personal veranda.

The success of Rookie 3.5 led us to create the range, which now has two new models, ROOKIE CROSS and ROOKIE L.


An ultra compact caravan, though it has a definiely more adventurous edge – starting from the external equipment.


Rookie L, the new elegant project for the 2016/2017 season.

Rookie Life in Korea

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